Carters Field - Usage Guidelines

The resource is for the benefit of the Parish.

Guidelines must not contravene undertakings made via the "Fields in Trust – Queen Elizabeth II Fields" non-charitable Deed of Dedication – relevant section as follows:

3.1 Not to use the Property or permit the Property to be used for any purpose other than as a public playing field and recreation ground for communal leisure activities (to include but not limited to occasional use by camping groups, and the undertaking of ecological activities).

The field may be used for the following activities:

  • Recreation: dog walking, picnics, playground.
  • Camping: Scouting, Guiding and other officially-recognised organisations.
  • Caravanning: Clubs with Exemption Certificate only. Maximum stay - 5 days.
  • Team games: ad-hoc only.
  • Communal events: Bonfire party (not fireworks), fete.

For more information or booking requests, please contact the Clerk to the Council.

Approved by Ruckinge Parish Council, March 2014.

Carters Field

Carters Field