Parish Council meeting minutes, February 2013

Meeting of the Parish Council held on Thursday, 14th February 2013 at 8pm in the Village Hall.


Cllr. S. Denis in the Chair, Cllr. A. Beaney, Cllr. D. Guy, Cllr. P. Sillibourne, Cllr. F. Burt, Cllr. Mrs T. Cliffe-Harrison, Cllr. Mrs A. Tanton and the Clerk, Mrs M. C. Shaw.

In attendance

Cllr. W. Howard, Borough Councillor and two parishioners.

Declarations of Interest

Cllr. S. Denis on planning application 13/00073/AS
Cllr. P. Sillibourne on planning application 13/00048/AS
Cllr. A. Beaney on Village Hall and Snave Wind Farm.


The minutes of the previous meeting had been circulated, these were proposed as a correct record by Cllr. A. Beaney, seconded by Cllr. Mrs A. Tanton and unanimously agreed and duly signed by the Chairman, Cllr. S. Denis.

Matters Arising

Unauthorised access, bottom of Dimon Hill – nothing further.Overgrown Hedges

– the Chairman had reminded the owners again but with no action from some owners. The Chairman will follow these up.

The Highways safety issues, Ash Hill to Poundhurst

– nothing from K.C.C. Highways to date.

Sewage problems along Bromley Green Road

– Cllr. Mrs A. Tanton had been contacted by neighbours who are very concerned that Southern Water are not addressing the real issues that have been ongoing for numerous years. Pumping has been occurring day and night during the excessive rainfall. Cllr. Tanton had been contacted by Christine Drury of K.A.L.C. who will pursue this on the residents behalf. Mr Geoff Loader of Southern Water, had stated that they are now planning to overhaul the whole system when they have completed a similar scheme in Hampshire.  It was suggested that a public meeting be held at Bromley Green Hall.


– two lots had been reported to A.B.C. and had quickly been removed.

Meadow View

– A.B.C. Planning had been contacted and the working hours restrictions only apply to certain units, and floodlights may not require planning permission.  The Clerk had forwarded this information to the complainant but had heard nothing further.

Drains at Oak Ridge and Ash Hill – Oak Ridge drains have been cleared.



Treasurers Account  £6,149.14The updated Budget had been circulated and was signed by the  Chairman.Discussion took place on the Village Hall Fuel tank, in order to  comply with their Insurance liabilities the oil tank requires  the protective security frame replacing, this will cost £1,535.It was proposed by Cllr. Mrs F, Burt, seconded by Cllr. Mrs T.  Cliffe-Harrison that the Hall Committee should apply for a Ward  Member Grant towards this


13/00048/AS   Mr M. Rawling, Scutari, Hamstreet Road, Ruckinge.Demolition of existing house and construction of replacement new dwelling and detached garage/car port building.The application was supported.13/00073/AS  Miss Maia Buisson, Hop Dog Oast, Gill Lane, Ruckinge.Change of use to riding school and livery.The application was strongly objected to being in contravention of the previous planning consents, which had specified that it was for private use only. Cllr. D. Guy proposed that this should go before the Planning Committee, seconded by Cllr. Mrs F. Burt and unanimously agreed.  Cllr. W. Howard will support this request.

13/00136/AS  Mr & Mrs S. Empett, The Willows, Poundhurst Road, Ruckinge.Replacement dwelling, new garage and change of use of ménage to garden.The application was supported.Approval received:12/01294/AS  Ms Clare Cutt, Brisley Farmhouse, Brisley Lane, Ruckinge. Two storey rear extension and new side porch.12/01278/AS  Mrs Jacqueline Langstead, Ivanhoe, Bromley Green Road, Ruckinge.Single storey rear extension including conversion of existing store into habitable accommodation.

Public Time

The meeting was closed at 9 p.m. to allow Public participation.Great concern was expressed by neighbours of the proposal to erect six wind turbines at Wey Street, Snave.  Considerable discussion on the serious impact on residents in the vicinity took place.  Some of the houses get their water from Artesian Wells and this could have a serious effect on these properties.The noise generated as well as the visual aspect is very detrimental to this area.

Millennium Sign and Flag Pole

The Chairman had requested two quotations from Mr. R. Stiles for the repairs to the sign, one for English oak in the sum of £380 and the other for Iroka for £285. Iroka was the more durable, and it was proposed by Cllr P. Sillibourne, seconded by Cllr A. Beaney and unanimously agreed that accept the quotation for Iroka.It was understood the P.C.C. would be arranging a work party to ascertain the best position for the Sign and Flag Pole.

Carters Field

Cllr. Mrs T. Cliffe-Harrison reported that the Land Registry has Registered Possessory Title to Carters Field, after 12 years it will convert to Full Title.Lloyds Bank cannot trace the Deeds at the present time.

Fields In Trust

Cllr. Mrs A. Tanton has the Fields in Trust “Queen Elizabeth 11 Fields Challenge” Deed of Dedication which requires signing.  It was proposed by Cllr. Mrs T. Cliffe-Harrison, seconded by Cllr. D. Guy and unanimously agreed to support this initiative but to consult with K.A.L.C. Legal department for advice before signing anything. The Chairman suggested that an audit be carried out to ascertain what is required, fencing, gates etc.The Clerk had been approached by the “Woodcraft Folk” for a camp for the weekend of 12th to 14th April, legal clarification is required in view of the aforementioned “Deed of Dedication”.

Silver Birches

The Appeal had been allowed, with a very long list of conditions which are to be monitored by Ashford Borough Council.  No response to these had yet been heard by A.B.C.  No work can commence until these conditions have been addressed.The gate which has been positioned does not contravene any planning regulations. The Parish Council will also monitor the site.

Snave Wind Farm

Letter asking for support in opposing this project. This had already been discussed during the Public Time.  In principle opposition to the project was agreed, but until a formal application is lodged with Shepway District Council, there is actually nothing to comment on.  Parishioners are to be canvassed via the website and the Parish Magazine. Shepway are to be notified that should an application be submitted Ruckinge wish to be included in the consultation procedure as an adjoining Parish.

Highways & Byways

AE550 – nothing further.Numerous pot-holes had been reported – some had been repaired but not too well.Gill Lane – there had been serious problems with quad bikes along this and Hog Tub.  Cllr D. Guy will raise this at the Police Commissioners meeting on Wednesday.

Web site

The “hits” are continuing to increase.  It was agreed that the oil-buying group should be publicised, the Wind-Farm proposal etc.

Borough Councillor

Cllr W. Howard had already addressed items of interest to the Parish Council. Ward Member grants are exhausted for this Financial Year for a grant for the Village Hall tank, but this could come from a Community Grant, Cllr A. Beaney will follow this up.

Any Other Business

Cllr D. Guy had attended the Parish Forum and reported thereon.

Cllr Mrs A. Tanton had attended the K.A.L.C. meeting and gave a report on this.The Clerk will ascertain the location of the Fire Hydrants in the Parish.A Village Emergency plan was mentioned.The Financial Statement of the Bromley Green Residents Association had been forwarded.The Association would like a representative from the Parish Council, it was agreed that Cllr Mrs A. Tanton would be the most appropriate person.It was suggested that perhaps the Parish Council meeting should alternate between Ruckinge Village Hall and Bromley Green Hall. To be discussed at the next meeting.

Oil–buying group - it was raised that a flyer could be circulated around the Parish advertising this, the financial cost to be ascertained before any commitment.

Date of the Next Meeting

The date of the next meeting was agreed for Thursday, 14th March 2013 at 8 p.m. in the Village Hall.There being no further business the Chairman declared the meeting closed at 10:35p.m.