Parish Council meeting minutes, June 2015

Meeting of the Parish Council held on Thursday, 11th June 2015 at 8.10 p.m. in the Village Hall.


Cllr. S.  Denis in the Chair, Cllrs. A. Beaney, P. Sillibourne, D. Guy, Mrs F. Burt, Mrs T. Cliffe-Harrison and the Clerk, Mrs  M. Shaw.

In Attendance

Two members of the public.


The minutes of the previous meeting had been circulated,  these were resolved as a correct record, proposed by Cllr. P. Sillibourne, seconded by Cllr. D. Guy.

Matters Arising

Sewage problems along Bromley Green Road

– Cllr. J. Martin has updated Councillors via email.

Freedom of Information request -

all documentation requested had been sent with “Certificates of Posting” to the complainant who had been invited to attend either this meeting or next months to address the Parish Council personally about his concerns/complaints - no response from him.

K.A.L.C. Membership

Subscription details 2015/2016 £ 285 – 34. It was resolved to continue membership, proposed by Cllr D. Guy, seconded by Cllr. Mrs T. Cliffe-Harrison.

The Chairman closed the meeting at 8.25 p.m. to allow members of the Public to speak about the unauthorised motorcycling events along the A2070. Through the efforts of Cllr. J. Martin and others, Ashford Borough Council have put an Enforcement Notice on the activities which have apparently now ceased. Cllr. Martin was sincerely thanked by residents and the Parish Council for resolving this annoying activity.

The meeting reconvened at 8.35 p.m.


Parish Forum – to be agreed nearer to its next meeting
K.A.L.C. – ditto
Village Hall Committee – Cllr. A. Beaney.
Bromley Green Residents Association – Cllr. Mrs T. Cliffe-Harrison.



The Internal Audit has been successfully carried out – Auditors report received and accepted.  It was  agreed that Mr J. Cantor,  be appointed Internal Auditor for the ensuing financial year.

Treasurers Account  as at   29th May 2015  £  15,397 - 89

Cheques were drawn:-


It was agreed that “Silver Birches” should continue to be monitored.

Carters Field/Bromley Green Hall

Trees – these have not been done yet.  The Clerk had emailed Mr Bolan on 10th April, but had no response.

The playground is overgrown – the Chairman will mow and strim at the weekend.  It was agreed that the BGRA be asked to assist with this.

It was agreed that the vegetation opposite the car park entrance should be cut or sprayed, proposed by Cllr. Mrs T. Cliffe-Harrison, seconded by Cllr. Mrs F. Burt.

Cllr. A. Beaney will ascertain who holds another key for the field.

Highways & Byways

The Closure Notice for Gill Lane ends on 19th June.  The K.C.C. & engineer will inspect to ascertain what remedial works are required.  The Chairman reported on progress and a meeting held with a resident.  It was agreed to invite Mr Graham Rusling P.R.O.W. officer of K.C.C. to the next meeting to discuss obtaining Traffic Restriction Orders.

Web site

It was agreed that the  A.B.C. Enforcement Notice regarding the Motocross unauthorised activity be put on the web-site.

Village Hall

The roof repairs have been completed and the account passed onto the new Chairman.  The outside wall needs repair.

Items of Interest

Co-option – the Village had been canvassed for prospective candidates.

The Village Pump, currently  at the Village Hall, was discussed, it was agreed that this is in need of repair, and it was suggested that the Parish Council could assist with funding

Concern was expressed at the Fly-Tipping along AE550 – this is the owners responsibility to remove this as it is on Private land – Cllr T. Cliffe-Harrison will inspect.

Date of the Next Meeting

The next Meeting of the Parish Council was agreed for Thursday, 9th July 2015 at 8 p.m. in Ruckinge Village Hall

There being no further business the Chairman declared the meeting closed at 9.20 p.m.