Parish Council meeting minutes, October 2015

Meeting of the Parish Council held on Thursday, 8th October 2015 at  8.00 p.m. in Bromley Green Hall.


Cllr. S. Denis in the Chair, Cllrs. P. Sillibourne, D. Guy, A. Beaney, Mrs T. Cliffe-Harrison, Mrs M. Hills and the Clerk, Mrs  M. Shaw.

In Attendance

Borough Cllr. J. Martin. 13 members of the public


Cllr.  Mrs F. Burt, (Holiday).




The minutes of the previous meeting had been circulated, after the addition of Cllr. P. Sillibourne to the Carters Field site meeting, these were resolved as a correct record, proposed by Cllr. Mrs T. Cliffe-Harrison, seconded by Cllr. S. Denis.

Matters Arising

Sewage problems, Bromley Green Road, there have been further updates from Cllr. J. Martin.  Letter received from Fisher German re: the above, giving further time-scale amendments, the appropriate approval form had been signed by the Parish Clerk.  It was understood from Cllr J. Martin that the scheme has now been delayed until the end of October.



Audit Commission - Approval of 2014/2015 Annual Accounts Return

Treasurers Account  as at 30th September 2015   £ 17,695 - 85  (includes half years  Precept,   Support Grant and Concurrent Functions Grant)

Cheques were approved and drawn:-
S. M. Sillibourne, Mowing Carters Field    £  112 – 60
PFK Littlejohn, Audit Commission Auditors Fees  £ £100 + V.A.T £ 20 Total due  £120

The Financial figures for a preliminary discussion on 2016/2017 budget had been circulated.  Members are to consider what other expenditure will be necessary in addition to the obligatory requirements, for final decision at the next meeting.

The Chairman closed the meeting at 8.35 p.m. to allow parishioners to discuss any matters on the agenda, including The Blue Anchor Public House and the Cherrytree Paddock planning application.

The meeting reconvened at 9.15 p.m.


No response from A.B.C. on planning application 15/00744/AS

The Poplars, Bromley  Green Road – change from Kennels to Cattery, it had been requested to know if previous respondents had been notified of the change.  Cllr. J. Martin will follow this up.


Court Lodge Farm, Hamstreet Road, Ruckinge. Erection of a detached double garage and office and creation of domestic site entrance. The application was supported.


Cherrytree Paddock, Bromley Green Road, Ruckinge. Change of use of land to use as a residential caravan site for one gypsy family with two caravans, including retention of hardstanding and erection of utility building.

Email received and circulated from Cllr. J. Martin on this site and the Enforcement Notice issued by Ashford Borough Council on the use of the site without  permission. The application was objected to, comments to receive approval by councillors prior to forwarding to Ashford Borough Council. Following attendance at the recent Planning Training by Cllrs. S. Denis and Mrs T. Cliffe-Harrison, it was confirmed that residents who may feel intimidated by their named comments being put onto the A.B.C. web-site may send them to Ashford Borough Council via the Clerk for prior verification to retain their anonymity.


COURTESY   CONSULTATION. Land at Pound Lane, Magpie Hall Road, Bond Lane and, Ashford Road, Kingsnorth. Outline application for a mixed use development comprising: - Up to 750 dwellings in a mix of size, type and tenure. - Up to 210 sq.m. (gross internal floor space) of A1 – A5 uses, but with no individual units greater than 150 sq. m- Up to 180 sq. m (gross internal floor space) of community/leisure uses of Classes D1 and D2.- 1 form entry primary school. - Provision of local recycling facilities. - Provision of areas of formal and informal open space. Installation of utilities infrastructure to serve the development, including flood attenuation, surface water attenuation, water supply, waste water facilities, gas supply, electricity supply (including sub-station, telecommunications  infrastructure and renewal energy). - Transport infrastructure including a new access  roundabout in the vicinity of the Ashford Road/Magpie Hall Road/Steeds Lane junction, new priority control junctions on Ashford Road, a new distributor road through the site to provide relief to the existing Ashford Road plus an internal network of roads and junctions, footpaths and cycle routes. - New planting and landscaping both within the proposed development and on its boundaries as well as ecological enhancement/mitigation works. - Associated ground works. **SUBJECT TO AN ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT  ASSESSMENT**. Application to be circulated.

Approval received:-

15/01064/AS  Ivanhoe, Bromley Green Road, Ruckinge. First floor front extension &; alterations to rear flat roof dormer and the insertion of a window to the side elevation.

Carters Field/Bromley Green Hall

Pot hole in entrance to Car Park – this had been inspected and Cllr. P. Sillibourne will organise this repair.

It was agreed to canvass the Village Hall Committee and the Bromley Green Residents Association about possible usage of Carters Field.Pot-holes are becoming a problem in the car park, it was not considered necessary to repair at the present time due to the imminent use by Southern Water for their storage facilities.

Highways & Byways

No response to the overgrown hedge at Dimon Hill – K.C.C. to be requested again to pursue this.  Contact to be made with Mike Angell, County Councillor, to follow this up.

Cllr. P. Sillibourne reported that he anticipated delivery of road-planeings next week for the Canal Byway.

Email from Mr G. Rusling, K.C.C.  PROW Officer on the Closure of Byways.  The Chairman will present the Parish Council with proposals/recommendations for approval for forwarding to Mr G. Rusling.

Local Needs Housing

English Rural Housing Association – re: Government “Right To  Buy” scheme.  Further clarification is required on the possible legislation if this included Local Needs Housing as opposed to Affordable Housing which have different criteria.  Local Needs  are only built on exception sites whereas Affordable Housing is incorporated into larger developments.  It was understood that this will be the subject of a motion at the K.A.L.C Annual General Meeting in November.

Village Hall

Nothing further.

Borough Cllr

Cllr. Miss J. Martin reported on the Borough Council policy on Enforcement Orders. Currently there is only one Enforcement Office for the whole borough. The rural roads usage by lorries and an infrastructure survey of is being carried out for a Policy Plan to be implemented restricting their usage.

Items of Interest

Cllrs. S.  Denis and Mrs Cliffe-Harrison reported on the Planning Training Meeting.

It was suggested that the Village could have a Parish Newsletter, to be circulated to the whole Parish,  whereas the Parish Magazine is only circulated to those who subscribe. Mrs. T. Cliffe-Harrison and Mrs M. Hills will follow this up this idea.

Members were saddened to learn of the death of Peter Stuchbury who had been a member of this Parish Council and Chairman for  many years.  Condolences to be sent to his family.

Date of the Next Meeting

The next Meeting of the Parish Council was agreed for Thursday, 12th November 2015 at 8 p.m. in the Village Hall

There being no further business the Chairman declared the meeting closed at 10.20 p.m.