Parish Council meeting minutes, December 2015

Meeting of the Parish Council held on Thursday,  10th December 2015 at  8.00 p.m. in Ruckinge Village Hall.


Cllr. S. Denis in the Chair, Cllrs. P. Sillibourne, D. Guy, A. Beaney, Mrs F. Burt, Mrs T. Cliffe-Harrison, Mrs M. Hills and the Clerk, Mrs  M. Shaw.


Cllrs. Mrs M. Hills and P. Sillibourne.


The minutes of the previous meeting had been circulated, these were resolved as a correct record, proposed by Cllr. P. Sillibourne, seconded by Cllr. A. Beaney.

Matters Arising

Sewage problems, Bromley Green Road – Cllr. Mrs M. Hills reported that there has been no work progress to date, but this was hoped to commence at the beginning of January. The site compound is being set up. A newsletter/update will be circulated to individual households to ensure that everyone is aware of the schedule. The Chairman is awaiting a response from Mr H. Burrows on the amended timetable.


K.A.L.C. Ashford Area Committee Notice and agenda
Area Police report - as circulated.


Treasurers Account  as at   30th November 2015  £ 16,786 - 75

Cheque was  drawn:-

Mrs M. Shaw, salary 1st October to 31st December 2015  £  605 - 43
Mrs M.Shaw, administration expenses  £  140 - 79
H.M.R.C.   P.AY.E.  £ 151 - 36

Final decision on 2016/2017 budget – proposed by Cllr. P. Sillibourne, seconded by Cllr. A. Beaney and unanimously agreed that the precept requirement was confirmed as being  for £ 8,500 - 00 and the Clerks salary being agreed as  £ 3,254 - 70 per annum plus all administration expenses.


15/01505/AS  Willow Tree House, Bromley Green Road, Ruckinge. Erection of a garage and garden store with a home office above.The application was objected to, being out of proportion with the existing dwelling and is considered to be two tier development by stealth.

15/01557/AS   Little Dale, Bromley Green Road, Ruckinge. Change of use of land to residential and erection of outbuilding. This was objected to, being contrary to the Local Plan.

Approval received:-

15/01384/AS The Blue Anchor, Hamstreet Road, Ruckinge. An Application for Lawful Development Certificate - Proposed - Use of the property for a use falling within use classes A1 (retail) and/or A3 (restaurant and café). Proposed Use/Development would be Lawful.

Carters Field/Bromley Green Hall

It was agreed to invite the Hall Chairman to the next meeting in relation to the uses of Carters Field and whether the Hall will possibly be in need of any substantial repairs in the near future which could influence the amount of the donation allocated from the Parish Council.

Highways & Byways

The overgrown hedge at Dimon Hill has been trimmed both sides by Highways.

The Chairman has received notification from Grahame Rusling, K.C.C. PROW Officer, who confirmed that the Gill Lane will be closed until December 2016.

PROW - The Chairman will be meeting with Edward Denne and Natural England to discuss this further.  Mrs V. Page is gathering evidence on Gill Lane.

Village Hall

Nothing further to report.  It was agreed to invite  the Chairman of the Village Hall Committee to the next meeting to ascertain the current condition of the  Hall.

Borough Cllr

Cllr. J. Martin had tendered her apologies.

Items of Interest

Cllr. A. Beaney raised the matter of a parishioner being charged by  K.C.C. for repairs, involving the use of  traffic lights that K.C.C. had had to use for safety reasons to facilitate the clearance of the earth landslide from the main road - it was agreed to contact County Councillor,  Mike Angell for his assistance in resolving this.

Parish Newsletter- nothing further.

Date of the Next Meeting

The next Meeting of the Parish Council was agreed for Thursday, 11th February 2016 at 8 p.m. in the Bromley Green Village Hall

There being no further business the Chairman declared the meeting closed at 9.35 p.m.