Parish Council meeting minutes, April 2019

Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council held on Thursday, 11th April 2019 at 8 p.m. in Bromley Geen Hall.


Cllr. D. Guy in the Chair, Cllrs A. Beaney, P. Sillibourne, J. Reid, Mrs F. Burt, Mrs T. Cliffe-Harrison and two members of the public..


Cllr. S. Denis.


P. Sillibourne on Planning


The minutes of the previous meeting were agreed as correct.

Matters Arising

No sewage problems due to dry weather.


An invoice for £300 for road planings was presented from P Vass and a cheque needed to be arranged. P.S. to deal with, whilst Clerk is unwell.


19/00479/AS Sunrise, Capel Road, Hamstreet, TN26 2EJ Cllrs were concerned that the garage could become another dwelling and ABC should put conditions on it to prevent that happening. Also concerned with the dominance over the neighbouring property.

Hans Farm. Permitted development being sought for agricultural building on the condition that all the old buildings are demolished.

19/00104/AS The Willows, Poundhurst Lane, Ruckinge, 4 eco-friendly holiday lets. Meeting closed to allow applicants to speak and Cllrs to ask questions. Meeting reconvened and the Cllrs unanimously supported this application.

Carters Field

Fence to come off agenda.
Chain on gate. D. G. to take his chain away from hinge end.
Picnic benches to be dealt with by new Council.
Mowing Martin Pepper to mow Playground.
Car Park. M. Baldock to be asked for a quote, together with S Empett, to lay road planings.

Bromley Green Hall

Defibrillator.  Still waiting for someone to look at Victory Hall’s.

Highways & Byways

Village Gateways. £497 for 4 gates.
Road Signs £1104 for 4 30mph signs.
There has been an offer to install them free of charge by a Parent of a member of the Scouting/Guiding movement.

Date of the Next Meeting

9th of May 2019 in Ruckinge Village Hall. t 8 p.m.