Parish Council meeting minutes, October 2019

Minutes of the meeting held on Thursday 10th October 2019 at 8.00pm in Ruckinge Village Hall


Parish Cllrs: Cllr P Sillibourne – Chair, Cllr A Beaney, Cllr J Reid, Cllr M Pepper, Cllr T Cliffe-Harrison, Cllr A Rylands, Borough Cllrs: Cllr J Harman

Apologies: 0

Members of Public: 0


Acting Clerk: A Beach


Cllr Sillibourne informed Councillors that he had received a letter of resignation from Mrs Shaw today, effective immediately. To assist in the transitional period until a replacement clerk is employed, he explained that he had contacted Annette Beach and asked if she would be able to assist and thanked her for agreeing

Apologies & reasons for absence:


Declaration of Interest

i. Declaration by Members of any interest, Pecuniary or Other than Pecuniary, in accordance with the Council’s Code of Conduct.

ii. To approve or reject any application put to the meeting by the Chairman in respect of Members’ seeking a dispensation under the Localism Act 2011, s.33.

iii. Request that Councillors’ or any other persons’ present declare if they intend to record any of the proceedings using any video or audio recording device or camera. None declared

Confirm minutes of the meeting held on 12th September 2019

The planning application 19/01299/AS was incorrectly included and subsequently removed. Following this amendment, the minutes were agreed Councillors accepted the minutes and authorised by Cllr Sillibourne.

Letter of Complaint from Mr & Mrs Swann

It is felt that the planning application was not dealt with correctly by the PC and a complaint was sent to Ashford BC, Mr Terry Mortimer. The previous clerk replied to them stating if unhappy with the Parish Councils decision they could raise an appeal. Cllr Reid had drawn up a draft reply and sent to Chairman and Clerk for comments this was ignored. One of problems highlighted in the correspondence was the lack of updated details on the parish website, Cllr Cliffe-Harrison will speak to Mr Stephen Denis to obtain more information on the site. Cllr Harman explained that companies specialising in the design and updating of websites are available charging annual fees.

Matters Arising

Bromley Green Road Sewage Problems – Nothing to report Neighbourhood Plan – Cllr Harman explained that a Neighbourhood Plan requires full legal approval whereas a Local or Parish Plan is a consultation between residents and the Parish Council, both should benefit the village. Cllr Sillibourne asked about the previously discussed joint Saxon Shore Plan with Ruckinge, Bilsington, Aldington & Bonnington. Cllr Harman felt each council would require a team to gather information, but as Ruckinge does not have any proposed developments included in the Ashford Plan they would not benefit from being part of a joint plan at the present time. Cllr Beaney felt that the parish are unable to afford it, Cllr Harman explained that a grant is available towards the cost of generating the plan. Cllr Sillibourne proposed we should not do it at the present time and it cannot be changed for 6 months, seconded by Cllr Beaney and unanimously agreed.

Carters Field

Fencing – this has been inspected and the remedial work will be carried out shortly Car Park – Cllr Pepper confirmed that a group of volunteers are going to make repairs to the surface over the weekend, weather permitting. Tesco Grant Funding – Cllr Cliffe-Harrison confirmed this is still ongoing

At this point the Meeting will be adjourned for the Public Session.

This session is for the public to express a view or ask a question on relevant matters on the agenda. The public are welcome to stay and observe the rest of the meeting but are reminded that they cannot take part. Meeting adjourned at 8.45 pm Meeting re-opened at 9.05 pm.


Received grant from KCC for gates and 2nd precept payment received MMP – Payroll charges from July-October 2019 £126.00 Councillors were unsure what this was for and acting clerk offered to call for more information. Cllr Sillibourne would sign and post the cheque if acceptable. This was confirmed as quarterly charges for Clerk’s salary. For information software is available for an annual charge of approximately £70 per annum plus VAT an annual saving of £350 allowing the clerk to calculate salaries and report to HMRC Bank mandate needs to be updated, Cllr Sillibourne proposed Cllr Reid as the second signatory, seconded by Cllr Cliffe-Harrison, approved by all. Acting Clerk suggested having at least one other signatory to allow for absence, if the new clerk becomes a signatory at least two councillors are required to countersign as stated under NALC Standing Order Financial Regulations.


19/01266/AS Willow Court Barn change of use to residential use Parish Council Comments: We object due to concerns that it will set a precedent to other holiday homes in the parish and allow them to be used as long term residential rental properties. 19/01291/AS Golden Wood Farm, Brisley Lane, Ruckinge. Change of use Parish Council Comments: No objection


Cllr Cliffe-Harrison reported that the cost per defibrillator is approximately £1,800 plus VAT for machines in locked cabinet plus £200 installation cost. She will obtain a quotation and present at the next meeting. Cllr Harman offered to make a donation towards the cost from her Members Grant.

Village Hall

Nothing to report


Have now been installed, the total cost was £1669.40.


3 signs have to be replaced Cllr Beaney to contact KCC Highways

Borough Councillor Report

Invited by Cllr Shorter to attend a meeting with Southern Water. She asked for a report on the flooding in Bromley Green Road and hopes they will update us asap. Ashford BC are displaying Brexit awareness signs and a plan is in place to allow freight to use junction 10A.

Items of Interest

The dog bin in Carters Field doesn’t seem to emptied on a regular basis and it was felt that another one is required.

There has been some sheep worrying in the village this week and Cllr Sillibourne asked residents to be vigilant when walking their dogs and report any loose dogs they see in the area.

There has been some fly-tipping in the by-way off Chapel Lane, Cllr Harman will investigate and report.

Date of the next scheduled meeting will be on 14th November 2019 at 8.00pm at Bromley Green Village Hall