Parish Council meeting minutes, May 2020

MINUTES OF THE ORDINARY PARISH COUNCIL MEETING HELD AS A VIDEO-LINKED MEETING DUE TO ALTERNATIVE LOCKDOWN MEASURES DUE TO THE CORONA VIRUS ON THURSDAY 14TH MAY 2020 COMMENCING AT 6.00 PM PRESENT: Cllr J Reid (Acting Chairman), Cllr P Sillibourne (Chair)*, Cllr A Beaney, Cllr M Pepper, Cllr T Cliffe-Harrison & Cllr D Archer, *Cllr P Sillibourne attended the meeting via Telephone PARISH CLERK: Ms C Laming
MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC: There was one Member of the Public in attendance.



  3. APPROVAL OF REASON S FOR APOLOGY FOR ABSENCE Councillors approved Cllr A Rylands reason for absence. Proposed Cllr T Cliffe-Harrison Seconded Cllr J Reid

  4. DECLARATIONS OF PECUNIARY AND SIGNIFICANT INTEREST Declarations of Pecuniary Interest There were no Declarations of Pecuniary Interest. Declarations of Significant Interest. There were no Declarations of Significant Interest. Updating of Declarations of Interest for the Code of Conduct Councillors are reminded that they should update their Declarations of Interest with the Monitoring Officer if necessary. Councillors are also reminded of their common-law responsibilities with regard to pre-determination and fettering of discretion in relation to agenda items.

  5. ACCEPTANCE OF MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETING Minutes of the meeting held on Thursday 13th February 2020 were accepted and it was unanimously agreed that Cllr J Reid should sign them.
    Proposed Cllr A Beaney Seconded Cllr T Cliffe-Harrison

  6. PUBLIC INTERVAL The meeting was opened to the Members of the Public from 6.13pm – 6.17pm during this time one member of the public was present.

  7. PLANNING Discussion and Decision on action to be taken on any other matters related to Planning issues within the Parish Please see attached list for decisions on current applications. All three applications were discussed at length and our we will submit our responses on the ABC Planning Application website.

    EMAIL CORRESPONDENCE BROUGHT TO THE ATTENTION OF THE MEETING All emails are forwarded to all Councillors There were no e-mails brought forward to the attention of the Meeting. Account Balance & Payment of Accounts The April bank statement was e-mailed over to the Councillors. The following accounts were signed off for payment: Clerk’s Salary - £300.00 Clerk’s Expenses - £23.30 Proposed Mr J Reid Seconded Mr M Pepper Internet Banking Nothing to Report Parking – Oakridge With the land being damaged by parking Cllr Archer spoke to a resident who confirms that a transit van has been parking underneath the tree there. The owner of the van suggest to take down the fence to facilitate some off road parking in his own property. The question is who actually owns that piece of land so we can clarify what can happen to it. It has been suggested that it belongs to the Ashford Borough Council. Borough Cllr Linda Harman will investigate. The Old Church Hall Borough Cllr Harman has spoken to Planning Enforcement and they are adamant that environmental disturbance by the applicant once it has approved it has nothing to do with them. The neighbours need to keep records of all transgressions so it can go through the environmental route. Cllr Reid will get the name of the PCSO for Ruckinge Parish Council. Defibrillator Cllr T Cliffe-Harrison has received an extension on the special offer. With the current situation there has been no progress to installation. Cllr J Reid has agreed to contact Kingsnorth Electrical with regards to a 13amp internal plug point. Cllr J Reid has also said he will speak to resident Mr Moon with regards to the installation of the second Defibrillator.

  9. CHAIRMAN’S REPORT Cllr P Sillibourne has been going through the archived boxes and has come across the history of Ruckinge Village Hall and how it was bought by the Parish Council from the Church and it looks like some of the land has bene taken by a neighbour of the hall. Once the Parish can meet in person then the documents and plans can be viewed fully. Cllr Sillibourne has also uncovered all of the history of Carters Field and various maps including Bromley Green drainage before the sewage works came. There is a concern about Carters Fields as the young trees have not been sprayed for some time now. The mowing is also a concern because of the ragwort weeds.

  10. WEBSITE The Parish are in the process of choosing a Website upgrade/web host in order to make our website fully compliant to the new latest WCAG 2.1 and GDPR guidelines ready for September. The Clerk is currently researching the different

  11. RUCKINGE VILLAGE HALL AND BROMLEY GREEN HALL Cllr P Sillibourne has covered the Hall update in his report above. It has now been reported that the grass has been mowed. The bill for the mowing has still not been submitted.

  12. BOROUGH COUNCILLORS REPORT The main concern has been coping with Covid19 and the Borough Council has been very active with coordinating community help groups through the Ashford Volunteer Centre. They have removed staff away from their normal tasks onto the emergency teams with the distribution of food parcels. Ruckinge has come across as a community that support each other through local knowledge and the Facebook group. There are elements of the community across Ashford that concerned Cllr Harman as they were missing out as they were not Facebook and some of those people are the very people that are vulnerable. An organisational tier was put on top and was a link to the Parish Council Website. The small group of coordinators were linked into the informal network of volunteers on Facebook which meant they we able to provide a way that doctors surgeries or people who called the council directly through their helpline on the borough website were able to be connected with the team who were prepared to either the team that were prepared to either volunteer themselves or to contact volunteers to help other people. There was not a lot of request but there were 3 that came through GPs that were not big social media users that has cancer or other underlying conditions so those people were referred to us. It has been apparent that our website it is a place where people go for reliable information.

  13. ITEMS FOR INCLUSION ON THE NEXT AGENDA Donation to the Village Hall Bromley Green Road Drainage Community Grant/Application Form

    Nothing to Report.


DATE OF NEXT MEETING Thursday 11th June 2020 6pm via Zoom.

There being no other business the meeting closed at 7.51pm.

Signed Dated Chairman





20/00322/AS Noakes Farm, Ash Hill, Ruckinge, Ashford, Kent, TN26 2PE Demolition of barns and erection of 5no. dwellings and new agricultural barn, with associated landscaping and parking SUPPORT

20/00521/AS Fairview Industrial Park, Hamstreet Road, Ruckinge, Ashford, Kent, TN26 2PL Erection of industrial/storage building for 8 units; Creation of open storage areas; Boundary enclosures, hard and soft landscaping areas (Part Retrospective - as hard surfacing, drainage, parking, delivery and turning areas have already been provided) OBJECT

20/00529/AS Littlehaven, Bromley Green Road, Ruckinge, Ashford, Kent, TN26 2EQ Erection of side and rear extensions with side dormer and rooflights SUPPORT

Decision Notices received from ABC

20/00130/AS Willow Tree Hair and Beauty, Willow Tree House, Bromley Green Road, Ruckinge, Ashford, Kent, TN26 2EQ Change of use of land to incorporate rear extension to existing salon building and extension to car park Permit

20/00062/AS Golden Wood Farm, Brisley Lane, Ruckinge, Ashford, Kent, TN26 2PW Prior approval for change of use from agricultural building to one dwelling house and associated operational development (resubmission of prior notification approval 16/00883/AS) Prior Approval is Given

20/00319/AS Wychwood Cottage, Stonegate Lane, Ruckinge, Ashford, Kent, TN26 2PR Lawful development certificate - existing - Use of building at rear of Wychwood Cottage as a residential dwelling. Existing Use/Development is Lawful

17/01824/AMND/AS Ashwell Lodge, Bromley Green Road, Ruckinge, Ashford, Kent, TN26 2EQ Changes to internal layout and minor changes to external fenestration planning permission 17/01824/AS (Erection of a garage building with a home office above) Amended Plans Approved